Unlock Your Team's True Potential

Live Employee Productivity Overview

At the click of a button get immediate results on what is happening with your team right now whether they are working remotely or in the office. Find out the current state of all employees based on the following: productive, ineffective, passive or offline.

Productivity View

Better understand how effective your teams are with a historical view of where they spend their time – by day, week, month and year. Understand team behaviour, identify where corrections need to be made and acknowledge people who are effective and productive.

WorkStatz can be used to:

Recognise high performing employees for their contribution

Transform ineffective employees into positive contributors to the business

Discover hidden gems - employees who are highly productive but under the radar

Identify employees putting in a low effort

Identify strengths and weaknesses in employees and teams

Drill into people and teams of interest and get to the bottom of productivity issues

Time spent by category

Working hard does not mean employees are being effective. View how time is being spent in your business based on the most effective activities for each person in their role; from business systems, email, online meetings to browsing, messaging and social media. This information enables you to determine the effectiveness of activities and whether they are aligned to company goals.

Understanding employees time patterns helps identify:

Working time vs capacity

Set online working hours required per department to accurately measure effort levels based on the role.

Have an accurate picture of the entire company, department or individual and whether they are above or below capacity.

Now you can do resource and capacity planning based on facts not guesswork.


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Security Alerts

Gain context on employee alerts to identify if these activities put your business at risk or not. View who has breached company policy by downloading to a USB drive or taking any online action that contravenes company policy.

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Detailed reporting

Make better business decisions by going from the dashboard to detailed stats easily. Any of the Dashboard views can be clicked on to view more detailed information including: LIVE – live statistics report. 


list of users, department and productivity state.


detailed individual employee activity report.


view infringements per user over a specific date range.


most used applications and websites by company, department or individual.


user information in a full activity log.


hours and % time spent per category with drill down per user & app/website.

Security of data

WorkStatz is a software-as-a-service solution delivered through the cloud. We take the security and privacy of our customer’s data very seriously and have strict measures in place to provide you with peace of mind; knowing that we ensure the confidentiality and integrity of all collected data.

We have gone above and beyond to ensure the infrastructure and apps that we bring you are secure and are rigorously, as well as consistently tested for any vulnerabilities. WorkStatz is also compliant with