We believe that employees, when their potential is unlocked, become your biggest asset. Their effective use of time and company assets is the most important enabler of business success.

Your teams may reach all deadlines and goals, but they may still have capacity to take on more work, this is time that can be unlocked for the business. In addition, your managers only find out after the fact that your team were not working at their optimum – this is lost time that you can never get back. WorkStatz unlocks revenue and profitability by allowing you to take quick action in real-time to correct inefficiencies or productivity issues.

WorkStatz employee monitoring software was created as a valuable tool to help leaders get accurate statistics in an easy-to-understand format to support a performance and success culture as well as drive business efficiency and improvements.

Though our simple and easy-to-use dashboard, managers become accustomed to making data-driven and objective changes. Our software complements existing management approaches and methodologies and facilitates better decision making – we take out the guesswork as there are no grey areas. Also, our data provides backup for performance discussions or HR hearings.  

Tools like WorkStatz employee monitoring that tracks employee activity across work systems and devices, when implemented and used correctly, gives powerful data that both protects the interest of employees and promotes positive engagement between employer and employee.

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Our vision is to help:

Give employees the flexibility and freedom to work remotely

Provide transparency to employees and drive a culture of accountability

Provide management with peace-of-mind that the work will get done

value customers users viewer

Ensure the safety of employees by detecting harassment or inappropriate behaviour

Ensure the safety of company data

Give underutilized employees opportunities to grow

Give struggling employees the help they need to succeed and advance

Educate employees about policy violations that puts company data at risk

Recognize star performers and the activities that lead to high performance

Serve customers better by being more effective as a company