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Better understand your people to help them reach their potential WorkStatz gives objective insight into working habits and patterns based on computer use.


Help employees do the right things and be more productive.


Identify people and teams who put in high, low or too much effort.


Ensure your systems and workflows are efficient and bottleneck free.


Flag risky employee behaviour & prevent costly insider data breaches.

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Accurate, real-time information supports a success culture.

Accurate, real-time information supports business efficiency and improvement.

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WorkStatz is easy to install, requires no integrations and works on any computer. Whether you have a local or remote team, you will be able to analyze computer use and productivity from anywhere.

WorkStatz frees managers from constantly looking over employees’ shoulders and overcommunicating just to stay on top of work progress. The manager feels connected to your team in real-time. Your employees have the flexibility of remote working, are encouraged to be accountable and are free to work at the pace needed without micromanagement.


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